Many homeowners and potential homebuyers today are drawn toward homes that have an open concept, meaning the main rooms such as a kitchen or dining room and living room flow into each other without being blocked off by boxy walls. Older homes often need to have some walls knocked down to achieve this open feel, but removing an entire wall or even just a section of it can be daunting, particularly if you suspect the wall in question is a load-bearing wall. 

In general, it is possible to remove a load-bearing wall, but you should go about it very cautiously, only after researching the process at length and making plans for how you will carry out the process.

How To Tell If A Wall Is Load-bearing

True to their name, load-bearing walls do just that. They bear the load of the weight that is on top of them. If you live in a single story house, this weight is your roof and everything above your ceiling. If you live in a home with multiple stories, your load bearing walls support the flooring and everything that is in your home. In contrast to partition walls, which mainly serve the purpose of diving rooms, load-bearing walls support considerable amounts of weight. 

Look for these clues to determine if the wall you want to take out is load-bearing:

  • Does it run perpendicular or parallel to your home’s beams?
  • Does it run the length or width of your home?
  • Is it more than 6 inches thick?

The telltale sign of a load bearing wall is that it will run parallel to your home’s beams. You can check this out by poking your head into your attic to determine which way your beams run. 

What Will Be Used To Replace The Load Bearing Wall?

If you’ve decided you want to have a load-bearing wall removed from your home, you need to take into consideration what the best replacement option is to continue to support the structure of your home. The best and most reliable is to install a load bearing beam. You can build your own from boards or filler strips, or purchase a pre-built header beam. You should also use temporary walls to provide support to your home while going through the building process. 

Can I Remove A Load Bearing Wall By Myself?

While technically, yes, you are able to remove a load-bearing wall by yourself, it’s generally much safer and more efficient to opt for professional removal. All too often homeowners who are great DIYers find themselves in over their heads in the midst of a load-bearing wall removal and end up needing to call in a professional to help get the project back on track. 

Opting to use a professional service to begin with might seem like a hit financially, but considering the safety of your home and your family is dependent on the quality of work provided, it is an investment that is well worth it. 

Load-Bearing Wall Removal By Nortex Structural

Removing a load-bearing wall from your home may appear to be a typical DIY project at first glance, but without proper preparation and time spent researching before you begin, this project could quickly turn into a nightmare. That’s why we at Nortex Structural are proud to offer load-bearing wall removal as one of our key services. We know the important role the load bearing walls play in your home and we know it isn’t worth jeopardizing anyone’s safety for a quick removal. Call us today at 817-470-5046 to speak with one of our team members to learn how we can help you tackle this big project!

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