Foundation Engineering & Design

In North Texas, we have to deal with a variety of active clay soil types. This type of soil is known for its ability to easily expand, contract, and shift when encountering moisture. When it comes to foundations, it’s vital to ensure that they are designed and built to be able to withstand some movement. At Nortex Structural, we value-engineer all of our foundation designs to fit our clients’ budgets while maintaining high structural design standards.

Structural Foundation Design In Civil Engineering

The structural foundation is the part of the building that effectively transfers the load of everything built above directly into the supporting soil below. This is key to establishing and maintaining the longevity of a sturdy, durable, and most importantly safe structure. In residential construction this structural foundation generally consists of deep grade beams oriented in a grid-like pattern, with thin 4” concrete slab spanning between the grade beams.

Foundation design is an integral component of every construction plan for any structure. At its core, it is the basis for beginning the construction of the building. At times, foundation design can be difficult and will involve geotechnical data or other important information. Not only are there different types of structural foundations, but foundations can also be comprised of different types of materials.

structural foundation design in civil engineering

Getting Started With Foundation Design: Geotechnical Soil Testing

Often, an expert analysis of the soil type is an important factor when deciding how to begin to design a structure’s foundation. This is called a geotechnical report. The vital information contained in a geotechnical report is crucial in determining what type of foundation type to design and which materials will be best to use for the structural design.

At Nortex Structural, we firmly believe that geotechnical soil testing is vital and should be performed whenever possible. This is why we always recommend that soil testing be completed prior to beginning a foundation design. Additionally, we have relationships with the best professionals in the geotechnical field to perform these tests.

Common Foundation Designs We Provide

steel reinforced rebar slab on ground

Steel Reinforced “Rebar”

In our professional opinion, concrete slab foundations that utilize traditional rebar are far superior to any other foundation type in North Texas. A home’s foundation is subject to a lot of movement which can create compounding compressive and tensile forces over its lifetime. By reinforcing concrete slabs with steel rebar, we feel that our foundation designs can better withstand the active forces imposed over many years.

pier and beam foundation design

Pier and Beam
Foundation Design

Pier and beam foundations are popular in many areas in Texas and provide many unique benefits. This type of foundation is easily maintained and provides access to the crawl space framing and plumbing/HVAC systems.  Pier and beam foundations are designed with holes dug or drilled into the ground in order to place specially designed piers which act as the primary support columns for the wood foundation framing. This framing is comprised of a grid of beams and floor joists that are built under the subfloor, providing an extended amount of support and ease of maintenance.

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If you’re in need of foundation design expertise from a structural engineer in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, then contact us at Nortex Structural. We have years of experience and expertise related to structural foundation design. Our designs are engineered to fit your needs and allow you to build a new custom dream home or  building. We also provide foundation addition design to help you expand your existing property.

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