Load-Bearing Wall Removal

In recent years, the modern style for homes has evolved into more open concepts. For owners of older homes, however, this style is lacking as older homes typically have smaller rooms and more walls separating certain areas. For those with the desire and the resources to do so, remodeling older homes is a popular choice for opening up a home or even doing a remodel in a current modern home.

What Is A Load-Bearing Wall?

While some walls serve the primary purpose of forming a room, many walls in a home are designed to be load-bearing. These walls serve an important purpose and great care should be taken when removing them. A load-bearing wall is designed and built to support the weight of any structure above it. In a single story home, the wall is there to support the roof structure. In a two-story house, a load-bearing wall is also there to support the floor above it.

Safely Removing A Load-Bearing Wall

Utilizing our knowledge and experience as structural engineers, Nortex Structural is experienced with developing plans for efficient and precise load-bearing wall removals. We carefully inspect each project to ensure successful completion. We take great care because while a load-bearing wall could be removed with seemingly no issues, over time it can cause damage to a home if not handled properly.

Load-bearing walls are not built as a “just in case”. They serve a strict purpose of ensuring the weight of all structures above it are properly supported. When a load-bearing wall is removed, that support must be replaced through other means. The most common method is to construct a support beam to replace the load-bearing wall.

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Reasons To Remove A Load-Bearing Wall

There are a few different reasons why you might want to remove a load-bearing wall. While you could technically do it yourself, it’s recommended to hire a structural engineer with the knowledge and experience to do it for you. At Nortex Structural, our engineers are able to analyze the situation to determine the best way to move forward to ensure you are safe as well as up to code with local authorities. Here are a few reasons to remove a load-bearing wall:

  • Open space – a lot of homeowners love the open concept for homes. This makes rooms much larger and open, which is the opposite of most older homes. Removing a load-bearing wall in kitchens is a popular choice when trying to open up a room for more space.
  • More light – in addition to opening up a room, some load-bearing walls could block natural light from extending to other areas. Removing the wall allows for more natural light.
  • Damage or structural issues – some load-bearing walls may need to be removed due to being compromised from damage. They could either be replaced with a new load-bearing wall, or a support beam.