Structural Home Inspections

Nortex Structural provides thorough and comprehensive structural home inspections to residents all across the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. These inspections are vital to ensuring that your home retains its structural integrity while also preventing damage to other areas in your home.

Structural Home Inspection vs Home Inspection

Structural home inspections are performed by experienced, licensed structural engineers that are degreed and have years of training and experience. These structural home inspections are much more in-depth than a general home inspection. They also only focus on the structure itself whereas a general home inspection looks at superficial things like the electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and other cosmetic components of a home.

Often, when home inspectors find signs of structural issues, they will refer the owner of the property to a structural engineer to take a closer, more specialized look. A structural home inspection examines the building to make sure it was correctly designed and built. Our clients use these structural inspections as an insurance policy to protect against a builder or “flipper” that may be taking dangerous structural shortcuts.

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What’s Included In A Structural Home Inspection?

A structural home inspection report is a detailed, comprehensive report that assesses the condition of different aspects of your structure. Our structural engineer will pay particular attention to your areas of concern while also observing the structure as a whole. Not only will the report inform you of any potential structural issues, it will also explain what has caused those issues.

While these forensic findings allow us to recommend the best method of repairs moving forward, it also provides insight into how to help prevent this type of damage in the future.

How To Get A Structural Home Inspection

Many prospective homebuyers will often opt for a structural home inspection to ensure there aren’t any structural issues with the house. Listed below are some signs to look out for that may reveal potential structural deficiencies:

  • Cracks in the walls or tile floors
  • Warped, bouncy, or sloping floors
  • Wood rot or mold
  • Gaps between the wall and the floor at trim interfaces
  • Deflected or out of plumb structures or patios

Luckily, getting a structural home inspection is just as easy as a general home inspection. Additionally, you don’t need to be purchasing a home to get one. If you are a current homeowner and you are noticing red flags around your home, an inspection could reveal issues that you can get fixed before they cause more damage.

All it takes to start is a phone call. Give Nortex Structural a call and we’ll go over all of your concerns and questions. Then we’ll get a structural home inspection scheduled so we can take a closer look.